Microsoft Confirms Latest Updates Are Freezing Windows — Here’s How To Fix It

Microsoft has something of a reputation when it comes Windows updatesand sadly it’s not a positive one. That reputation is currently taking another kicking as reports of computers freezing during the latest ‘Patch Tuesday’ update process or hanging during start-up afterwards roll in. What’s happening? Microsoft has confirmed that there is “an issue on devices with Sophos Endpoint Protection installed and managed […]

Windows Calculator will get a ‘graphing mode’

After open-sourcing the Windows 10 Calculator on GitHub at the start of the month, Microsoft has now started work on expanding the app with new features, as it initially promised. Out of the 30+ suggestions that open-source contributors have proposed so far, Microsoft engineers have selected a proposal called “Graphing Mode” as the first feature to be […]

Next Windows release will include DTrace support

The forthcoming Windows 10 feature update will bring support for DTrace, the open source debugging and diagnostic tracing tool originally built for Solaris. The port was announced at the Ignite conference last year, and today the instructions, binaries, and source code are now available. DTrace lets developers and administrators get a detailed look at what their system is […]

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