iPhone, Samsung or Google Pixel? Anand Mahindra’s tweet sparks debate on which camera is better

iPhone, Samsung or Google Pixel? Anand Mahindra's tweet sparks debate on which camera is better

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra, who is known for his quirky posts on Twitter, has started a discussion on which phone has the best phone camera.

Mahindra tweeted a photo of a Manhattan street at night and said, “Manhattan moonscape. Have to admit, my pixel takes much sharper pics than my iPhone X. And I’m told the Samsung is even better?”

The post started a massive discussion on Twitter with users weighing in on which phone has a better camera.

Samsung India too jumped in on the discussion and did not let go of the opportunity to market their product. The company said, “Mr Mahindra, yes, you heard right, but you haven’t heard it all, at least not yet… Have you tried #GalaxyNote10+ Pro Grade camera that turns everyday photos and videos into epic moments? Take your pictures to the next level with Samsung!”Mahindra’s tweet went viral and people started responding with their pictures and a discussion on which device is better ensued. While many users defended Pixel, others also gave suggestions to Mahindra.


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