Samsung Galaxy Fold display problems reappear ahead of October 1 launch in India

Samsung Galaxy Fold display problems reappear ahead of October 1 launch in India

Samsung Galaxy Fold is less than a week away from its launch in India after the company had to recall the pre-production units of the foldable phone in April. After months of inspection, refinement and damage control, Samsung is back up again with the Galaxy Fold, though the initial reports are not heartening. Just like before, the Galaxy Fold, in the hands of a tech journalist, has once again broken down, highlighting the fact that there are still some issues with the display of the device.

The unit of Samsung Galaxy Fold in possession of the TechCrunch hardware editor has reportedly failed in just 24 hours of use. Earlier in February, Samsung Galaxy Fold created ripples in the tech world after it unveiled the Galaxy Fold at the company’s Unpacked event. The device featured a flexible OLED panel, which the company called the Infinity Flex display, with a clear protective layer on top. It was this protective layer that was responsible for the initial screen damage. Now, Galaxy Fold has developed stuck pixels between the lock screen’s butterfly wings.

The new stuck pixel defect is different from what Galaxy Fold smartphones experienced last time around. Reports are suggesting that the new flaw could be due to the application of ‘pressure’ on the Fold’s plastic display. This could be another blow to Samsung Galaxy Fold fans who were looking forward to the launch. The phone is far from being as durable as the traditional phone. The Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch AMOLED display, which folds inwards and has a resolution of 1,536×2,152 when unfolded. The device also has an outer screen measuring 4.6 inches and a resolution of 720×1680.

Samsung Galaxy Fold has already been launched in South Korea and is set for Indian launch on October 1. Samsung Galaxy Fold will be priced between Rs 1.5 lakh-Rs 1.75 lakh in India, a lot for a phone that can be damaged only by pressing hard. With uncertainty around the strength and durability of the phone, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is going to be a tough sell.


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