Google killing AdSense on Android and iOS this year for the web

AdSense allows publishers to easily place advertising on their sites, with Google offering mobile apps to track views and revenue. Google today announced that it is killing the Android and iOS clients, with the web positioned as an upcoming alternative. The Inside AdSense blog (via Android Police) today announced that it is “sunsetting the current iOS and Android apps.” […]

Huawei OS Shock: ‘No HongMeng Android Alternative For Smartphones’

For anyone eagerly anticipating the release of Huawei’s (faster) new mobile operating system—the Android replacement dubbed HongMeng—the update from company chairman Liang Hua on Friday (July 12) will have come as a major disappointment. “We haven’t decided yet if HongMeng can be developed as a smartphone operating system in the future,” Liang told reporters in Shenzhen, although he added […]

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