Grace VanderWaal Tells Us How She Really Feels About Social Media and TBH, It Makes a Lot of Sense

At just 15 years old, Grace VanderWaal doesn’t remember a time without social media. But the America’s Got Talent season 11 winner sometimes wishes she could—since she’s seen firsthand the stresses it can bring. “I think that insecurities, especially in girls, are really affected because of social media,” she tells Parade. “I don’t think it’s because of cyber bullying or […]

How to install Windows on more than one PC

While there are a few technical exceptions, which we’ll explain below, the plain truth is that Windows can only be installed on one machine. The licence agreement issued by Microsoft is quite clear about this, and when you enter the product key during the installation process Windows locks that copy of the software to that […]

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