Dolphin Emulator update adds fixes for Vulkan API on Android Pie, Wii Remote pointer emulation, and more

Dolphin Emulator on Android is one of the most well-made emulators around. You can play Wii games and GameCube games straight from your phone, so long as it’s powerful enough. Nowadays, devices like the Razer Phone 2 and the OnePlus 6T are enough to actually do just that. I’ve personally enjoyed The Simpsons: Hit and Run straight from my […]

Top Ten Semiconductors in the world has Samsung on top, Qualcomm in sixth

According to Jimmy Goodrich, vice president of global policy at the Semiconductor Industry Association, a trade group based in Washington DC, “Semiconductors are arguably humanity’s greatest achievement to date. They’re still central to everything that’s modern or electronic, whether you’re driving a car, or surfing the internet, or using a supercomputer-everything is ultimately based on a semiconductor […]

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